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Whether you are cooking turkey breast or a whole turkey, one of the most popular methods used is roasting. When cooking turkey breast, the roasting process tends to evaporate and reduce the moisture content, shrinking the fibers and making the meat tough, so it is important to follow the proper steps for roasting and use the right turkey cooking times to ensure the best results. When roasted properly, the turkey breast will be moist and tender with excellent flavor.

The turkey breast cooking times may vary greatly, depending on a number of variables that affect the cooking time such as the shape of the turkey breast, the proportion of meat to bone, the variations in different ovens, the altitude, and if the turkey is fresh or frozen and then thawed. Adding the confusion is that almost every source providing roasting times is different from one another. Listed below are roasting times that can be used as a general guideline. However, the only true gauge for determining proper doneness is with a meat thermometer. The breast must reach an internal temperature of 170°F

A shallow baking pan will yield the best results when roasting a turkey breast, allowing air to flow completely around the turkey breast.

Roasting Times for a Turkey Breast Cooked
in a 325°F Conventional Oven
Weight Unstuffed Stuffed
2 to 3 pounds 1½ to 2 hours not generally applicable
4 to 6 pounds 1½ to 2¼ hours not generally applicable
7 to 8 pounds 2¼ to 3¼ hours 3 to 4 hours

Note: Using a convection oven will cut as much as 25% off the cooking times list above.