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Citrus or Grapefruit Spoon  
Designed for removing pulp from citrus fruits while eating the fruit, a Grapefruit or Citrus Spoon is formed similar to other spoons. However, the bowl of the Grapefruit Spoon is not as deep formed in the bowl of the spoon as some spoons. In addition, the front edge of the Spoon is made as a cutting edge with pointed knife-like ridges to cut into the pulp. Made from stainless steel, the Grapefruit or Citrus Spoon has a flatter shape than a traditional spoon so the cutting feature is more easily accomplished. One of the key advantages of this type of utensil is that the preparation of the grapefruit becomes less timeconsuming. Instead of using a grapefruit knife or a similar utensil to pre-cut around the pulp and skin, the spoon allows the extraction without the pre-cut work.