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Lime Pickle Relish
Chili Lime Pickle Relish
Lime Pickle Relish
Hot Lime Pickle Relish
Most often, this condiment is a traditional relish used to flavor food dishes in India where pickles so frequently are served during meals. Several common varieties of the relish include a Hot Lime Pickle relish and a Chili or Chilli Lime Pickle relish. In India, pickles are made from fruits such as mangos and limes, or vegetables such as onions or chile peppers.

Made from limes as a base for the mixtures, other ingredients may include red or green chiles, spices, ginger, salt, and vegetable oil. The flavors of the Lime Pickle relishes may range from sweet to sour or medium hot to very hot. Indian meals which often include rice, dals, yogurt, vegetables and flat breads may either be seasoned with some type of condiment containing pickles that are pickled in oil or include pickled fruits and vegetables served with the other foods.