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Mother of Vinegar  
A thick, gelatin substance containing bacteria that forms in vinegar most often when the vinegar warms to temperatures between 60ºF to 85ºF. If present in vinegar, the gummy Mother of Vinegar substance is not harmful and does not indicate any spoiling in the vinegar solution. It is a natural occurance that is commonly used to assist the fermentation process when making wine or cider as the bacteria turns the liquid into vinegar. The most notable bacteria that affects the fermentation as Mother of Vinegar begins the process is known as Mycoderma aceti.

To remove the gummy, gelatin substance, use as paper filter such as a coffee filter, pouring the vinegar into a clean bowl, measuring cup or container while the filter is positioned over the top of the cup, bowl or container. Mother of Vinegar may also be referred to simply as Mother or in French as mére de vinaigre.