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Donut Nectarine  
Also known as a Flat or Saturn Nectarine, this type of fruit has a flattened appearance that is similar in shape to a donut, thus the name. Donut Nectarines which look somewhat like donut peaches have a higher acid to sugar ratio than a peach but are very sweet flavored. In addition, the Nectarine will typically have a greater amount of red skin coloring with a firm and more dense texture on the inner flesh. The Donut Nectarine is a good snacking fruit or a flavorful addition to salads, desserts, crepes, and many other foods using fruit. When selecting Donut Nectarines, look for those with less green coloring and more redish yellow coloring. Keep fresh Nectarines in the refrigerator and store for no more than 3 to 5 days.