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Condensed Foods
Condensed Milk
Condensed Foods
Condensed Soup
Any type of food that has been processed to remove a portion of the liquids contained within the food item, providing a thicker consistency to the Condensed Food. Various foods are condensed to make them healthier, easier to transport or package, or for ease of use. Condensed milk is a product that has been processed to remove water. When making Condensed milk, whole milk has been thickened by eliminating approximately 60 percent of the water content, producing a concentrated flavor that is prefered when used as a cooking ingredient. Condensed soup is another food item that is commonly available in a Condensed form. The canned soup has been condensed to provide a thick base that can be used for sauces or for use as a soup when milk or water is added back into the Condensed contents to liquify the ingredients if consumed as a side dish.