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Dariole Mold  
Small metal containers that are used for preparing and baking individual servings of food within a pastry. The Mold may be manufactured out of anodized aluminum so the heat transfers evenly while baking and the baked item can be easily released when finished baking. Often considered the same as a Baba mold, the Dariole Mold is avaialble in various sizes that may hold from 4 to 6 ounces of contents. The Mold is round with straight sides that extend upward and out so the contents are baked with a bottom that is smaller in diameter than the top. However, after baking, the food item can be removed and placed with the wide section down so the pastry becomes shaped like small round mountain with a flat top. Pastry desserts, cakes, puddings, and a variety of small savory dishes such as small mousses are prepared using Dariole Molds.