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Corn Cake  
Made from cornmeal and other ingredients, a Corn Cake can be one of several different food items. It can be made as a small, round-shaped food with a mild corn flavor that is often served like a pancake for breakfast or for lunch. Considered as a flatbread when made in this manner, the Corn Cake is traditionally cooked on a griddle, over an open fire or in an oven. It may have a slightly sweet flavor and is topped with syrup or it may have a more savory flavor that can be spicy, depending on the recipe. The cake is flat on the top and bottom, but circular-shaped around the outside edges. A sweeter version of the Corn Cake is typically made in a baking pan and served as square-shaped pieces of cake providing more of corn bread type of food. It is most often less of a savory food and more of a mild or sweet flavored version of the Corn Cake.