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Egg Ring  
Approximately 3 inches in diameter, an Egg Ring is made to hold individual eggs so they can be cooked into a perfectly round shape. An egg is simply cracked open and dropped into the ring that is placed into a baking pan or skillet. In addition to keeping the egg round in shape as it cooks, Egg Rings keep the egg from spreading around the pan so more eggs can be cooked at the same time. Fried or poached eggs are often prepared using an Egg Ring so they can be placed on a round English muffin or round sandwich bread when served. With the use of the Egg Ring, an egg is shaped neatly so it easily fits the bread on which it is being served. Made from stainless steel, some Egg Rings have attached handles that allow the Rings to be easily lifted out of a hot pan after the egg white has become stiff, keeping hands and fingers away from the intense heat of the pan's surface.