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Pasta or Spaghetti Measure
Wooden Pasta Measure
Pasta or Spaghetti Measure
Plastic Pasta Measure
A kitchen tool designed to accurately gauge the amount of uncooked pasta that will be needed for serving from 1 to 4 portions of pasta. The overall shape of the Measure varies slightly but typically it is flat with 4 round openings spaced evenly over the surface. Strand pastas such as spaghetti, spaghetinni, capellini, fedelini, or vermicelli are inserted into one of the four openings so the amount of each portion in ounces to be served can be measured. Each hole represents a specific amount of portions in ounces as follows: 1 portion equals 2 ounces (7/8 inch diameter); 2 portions equals 4 ounces (1-3/16 inch diameter); 3 portions equal 6 ounces (1-7/16 inch diameter); and 4 portions equal 8 ounces (1-11/16 inch diameter). When using the Pasta or Spaghetti Measure, insert the strands of pasta into the portion desired so it fits easily and loosely within the opening.