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Orange or Citrus Peeler  
A small narrow utensil designed to remove peels from oranges, lemons, limes and other similar sized fruits with citrus skins. The traditional Orange Peeler is designed with a scoring tool, a slightly curved blade end, and on some utensils, a zesting tool. To use the Peeler, start by making the first slit in the skin or peel of the fruit at the stem end extending it downward to the opposite end. Visually divide the fruit in four equal sections, making the second slit in a similar manner and spaced equally away from the first slit so the fruit will eventually have four vertical slits. However, before making the third slit, use the blade end of the tool inserting it under the skin so it can be peeled away from the inside pulp or meat. Then repeat the process by making the third slit so the second peeled section can be removed and then the fourth slit follows.

Most often, this type of Peeler will be made from a hardened plastic and will work fine for peeling activities. However, the zester on this type of Peeler will have plastic edges that initially are quite sharp but will dull over time, requiring a replacement of the tool if it is used often.