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Fruit or Vegetable Corer
Zucchini Corer or Cutter
Fruit or Vegetable Corer
Melon Cutter
A bladed speciality knife for removing the cores and seeds of eggplant, melons, potatoes, or zucchini. Also referred to as a "cutter" the Fruit or Vegetable Corer may be v-shaped or formed into a half circle that has scooped sides. The small-toothed or sharpened blade may also contain a cutout peeler, enabling it to be easily inserted 4 to 6 inches deep into the end of a zucchini or melon and rotated so a round plug of core meat can be pulled out. For recipes of stuffed zucchini, the core can be readily removed without damaging the skin and if desired the core meat can be saved for side dish recipes. The Fruit or Vegetable Corer can also be used similarly to core and remove seeds from a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. This utensil may also be referred to as a Zucchini Knife, Melon Knife, or Fruit and Vegetable Cutter.