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Watermelon Rind  
Made as a relish item, Watermelon Rind is a common food that is served as a snack, an appetizer, or an item placed on relish trays. Sweet flavored, it is a food that is commonly pickled by cutting the rind of a watermelon into small cubes and soaking the rind in a brine of water and salt, adding vinegar and spices, and flavored with syrup made from sugar and any desired seasonings such as cinnamon. The sweetened Watermelon Rind is a good accompaniment to pork, beef and poultry dishes. It is also added to dressings and sauces or salads and appetizers, blending the sweet and savory flavors together. When wrapped with bacon and served as an appetizer, Watermelon Rind provides an enjoyable sweet and succulent snack. If exposed to air, canned or preserved Watermelon Rind should be refrigerated to preserve the flavor and product.