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Chewy and elastic in texture, Taffy is a candy product with a history dating back to England where the confection was first referred to as "toffee" or "toffy". In Europe, Toffee was baked to either a soft and chewy consistency or a hard and brittle texture, and to this day remains a harder-textured candy than Taffy. As Taffy evolved from a form of toffee, it became famous during the 1800's when it was first produced on the east coast of the U.S. where it was called "saltwater taffy" due to the small amount of saltwater added as a flavoring. Today, Taffy is basically made with a combination of only sugar and butter seasoned with a variety of flavors. When it is made, the candy is produced as a sticky, gooey mixture that is stretched into long strands while it is cooling. This pulling of the taffy results in an elastic texture that retained as it is cut into small bite-sized portions for packaging.