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Australian Sea Salt  
A seasoning harvested from evaporated water that is collected on inland salt basins along the Australian coast. Saline water is fed into crystallizer ponds where it evaporates, leaving salt as a byproduct. Removing this salt from the environment is considered to be an ecologically sound practice in Australia. Categorized as a pink salt, Australian sea salt has a pink colored appearance that is due to the red pigmentation of carotene emitted by algae growing in the underground brines producing the salt. When formed, the salt crystals appear like flakes of salt rather than small cubed particles. Australian sea salt, which may also be referred to as red flaked sea salt or Australian Flake salt, is lighter in weight than other salts and thus contains less sodium. It is a good salt for use as a finishing salt to season fish, poultry and a variety of lighter or delicate food dishes.