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Red Etampes Squash  
A short, stout pumpkin squash that is a true field pumpkin and an heirloom variety of squash native to France. Known also as a Potiron rouge vi d'Etampes, a Rouge D'Etampes or a Cinderella pumpkin, this squash is used as both an edible and an ornamental squash. The traditional Red Etampes has a smoother outer skin, reddish-orange in color with some irregular bumps on the surface. The squash may be fully matured with a full orange coloring or have an orange background with green strips running up the ribs. Inside there is a meaty deep yellow flesh, firm in texture which is somewhat bland tasting. The Red Etampes is a good squash to combine with other foods or to enhance with other flavors, such as brown sugar and butter or for use as a soup squash. The golden colored meat serves as a pleasing soup color and since the flavor of the meat is mild, it works well as a soup base that can accompany and not overpower foods combined with the squash.