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Swedish Meatballs  
A meat dish, originating in Europe, that uses meatballs combined with a sauce that is served as a main dish. Referred to as köttbullar in Sweden, Swedish meatballs is a food dish that uses beef, pork, veal, or a combination of several meats as the base for the meat ingredients. The meatballs are then often combined with a filler such as flour and/or breadcrumbs, pieces of bread or mashed potatoes that help to hold the ball together. Seasonings such as herbs and spices are added and then the meatballs are cooked before being topped or immersed in a sauce. Typical Swedish meatball sauces may include a brown gravy-like sauce, a white cream and/or cheese-based sauce, or a wine sauce.

There are numerous versions of Swedish meatballs that are prepared in other Scandinavian countries including Denmark, where a frikadeller is a type of meatball; and Norway, where a meat cake known as a kjøttkaker, is the Norwegian version of Swedish meatballs.