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String Cheese  
A processed type of cheese that is semi-soft and elastic textured. It is made into a round dowel-like rod that may be slightly wavy in appearance. Often called cheese sticks, string cheese is different since it can be pulled apart as strands that easily separate from the entire length of the rod of cheese. Generally produced from cow's milk, string cheese is most often made from a mild flavored variety of cheese such as mozzarella or cheddar that may be flavored with various seasonings. Native to Middle Eastern Europe, string cheese began as a harder textured cheese that was typically salty tasting. Today, this type of cheese that is contained in small packages is a favorite of travelers and especially children who enjoy the flexible rubbery consistency of the cheese as well as its ability to be pulled apart into "strings" that become individual servings for snacking. Sting cheese is easy to find in convenience stores or food markets and may be available as single rods or braided rods.

String cheese generally contains high levels of sodium to lengthen shelf life. To reduce the amount of sodium in the cheese, soak the individual pieces in water which helps to dissolve some of the salt that is used for processing. String cheese can be kept refrigerated for a week or possibly a little longer.