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Frozen Food Knife  
Built to cut through hard to semi-hard substances, this utensil is manufactured for specialty tasks. A common cutting blade used for this type of knife is the saw- toothed blade which may be called a saw-and-racker tooth or a coarse saw tooth blade. A saw-toothed blade has tiny but coarse teeth that are closely aligned and formed to cut through materials such as metal surfaces. The saw-and-racker blade contains an alternating blade construction with each set of double toothed blade extensions separated by a curved serrated blade surface.

Typically, the Frozen Food Knife blade is made of a rigid steel that can withstand very cold temperatures and the heavier than normal cutting pressure required to cut through ice hard substances, such as frozen foods. Also the back and forth motion required for cutting hardened objects causes non-rigid blades to bend or quiver. Simple tasks such as cutting apart a small carton of frozen peas can be easily accomplished with this knife or harder tasks of cutting larger blocks of frozen vegetables and breads can be undertaken with a knife built to cut frozen foods.