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Basket Roasting Rack  
A kitchen utensil made with perforated metal formed in the shape of a half circle or a "U" with handles on each end for ease of lifting and moving. Typically made from metal coated with a non-stick surface, the Basket Roasting Rack allows drippings to fall to a roasting pan below and can be easily cleaned when finished cooking. The rack resembles U-shaped basket that cradles meat such as pork loins, rolled roasts, whole birds, and also fish. Browning foods such as loins or roasts occurs nicely with this type of rack enabling the fat and small browned bits to drop into the pan. When used for a chicken or birds of similar size, it works well as a means to keep the wings and legs next to the body when cooking however, it is sized for birds that do not exceed 5 pounds in weight. Often referred to as a cradle roasting rack, this utensil produces a very crisp skin when cooking poultry due to its ability to effectively conduct heat around the bird. If it is used for fish, the best method is to steam the fish, placing the rack in a pan that can be covered.