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V-Roasting Rack
Nonadjustable V-Rack
V-Roasting Rack
Adjustable Roasting V-Rack
Nonadjustable V-racks are made of v-shaped pieces of metal that are attached to a frame that has handles on it. This rack works well to cradle the roast or bird and hold it in place, but because the metal bars are generally so far apart, the wings and legs of a bird fall through. This makes it difficult to turn the bird if necessary or to remove it from the rack without tearing the wings and legs.

Adjustable V-racks have two sides that can be adjusted to change the width of the V that they form. This allows you to better fit the rack to the meat you are placing on it. A problem may occur if you have to turn the roast or bird on the rack because the rack has a tendency to collapse.