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Black Kale  
A thin width, ruffled-leafed green vegetable that is a member of the cabbage family. Deep dark green in color, this variety of kale is considered one of the Italian heirloom varieties, where it is known as Cavolo Nero. It grows as an open leaf that is very thin and narrow, providing a peppery flavor as a side dish or when added to pasta and other foods. In addition to pasta, it is often served as a side dish of greens or as an ingredient in soups, pasta sauces, and stews. Like other varieties of kale, it can also be used as a narrow garnish for different types of food preparations. This type of kale may also be known as Curley, Dinosaur, Black Cabbage, Lacinato Kale, Black Tuscan Palm Tree Kale, or Cavolo Nero.

To prepare as a side dish, add the kale to boiling water, cook for a few minutes to allow it to become tender, drain the hot water and bathe in a bath of cold water. Add butter over the top and reheat. The greens can then be added to soups or served as a side dish.