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Baked Cheese  
A specialty cheese, common in Scandinavian countries, that is baked as it is produced. It develops a golden brown, baked surface that has an appearance similar to a baked crepe. As the cheese bakes, the sugars of this cheese form a light caramel coating on the outer surface, while the inner meat remains natural colored, mixing a slightly sweet overtone to a creamy rich cheese flavor. Made from cow's milk, this cheese can be warmed by either placing it in an oven briefly or by using a microwave to warm it for 10 to 15 seconds. Warm or cold, it can be served as an appetizer, a snacking cheese or as a dessert cheese. It is a cheese that is often paired with wild berry jams or honey to enhance the flavor.

Since the baking process lengthens the life of this cheese it can be frozen and kept for approximately a year or simply refrigerated and eaten within 3 weeks or so. Terms common to this cheese when marketed in countries outside of Scandinavia include "juusto' which means "cheese" in Finnish or "juustoleipa" which means "bread cheese" which is derived from the bread-like appearance and oven baked result of the browned outer surface. In Sweden, the cheese is known as "ostbröd."