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Gorgonzola Naturale Blue Cheese  
The aged variety of blue cheese made from cow's milk. Native to Italy, Gorgonzola is available as either a milder version known as "dolce" or the naturale version, which is the aged variety of Gorgonzola Blue. Also made into cheeses referred to as piccante, di monte or stagionato, Gorgonzola naturale is produced from the curd of two milkings to be produced into various sized wheels. With a color that is whiter than Gorgonzola Dulce, the naturale is typically aged for six months, resulting in a firmer texture and a sharper flavor and aroma. Gorgonzola is an excellent cheese to serve as an appetizer, with desserts and fruit, as a flavoring in salads and pasta dishes, or as stuffing for chicken, veal or tube pasta.