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Lop Chong
Chicken Lop Chong
Lop Chong
Chicken and Pork Lop Chong
A long thin Chinese sausage that is similar to andouille or chorizo sausage, but is not quite as spicy. Traditionally made from pork combined with fat, Lop Chong is a smoke-cured, dry sausage that is produced in a "stick" form. As this item has become more popular for use in a variety of foods, the contents have changed so it is produced with combinations of meat, such as pork and chicken.

Lop Chong is used in a variety of food dishes such as stir-fried foods or rice casseroles as well as a common snack food, providing a meaty texture with a slightly sweet overtone. When purchased in a package, this sausage can be kept at room temperature for months, if not opened. Otherwise, when opened it should be kept refrigerated where it can stored for up to a month. This sausage may also be referred to as Lap Chung, Lap Chong, Lap Cheong, Lap Xuong, or Thuong Hang.