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Bon Bon  
1. A French term meaning "candy." 2. A type of candy that has taken on the name of "bon bon" to describe its general shape and form, such as candy made with a semi-hard outer shell that covers a sweet inner filling. Candies referred to as bon bons are generally formed either into a totally round shape or a oval to round shape. There are a variety of different flavors and ingredients named as bon bons, such as cherry bon bons made with a milk chocolate that covers a cherry filling, or cream cheese bon bons having a cream cheese filling covered with chocolate. However, the more traditional name often applies to a candy filled with fondant that surrounds fruit or nuts. European candies referred to as bon bons are available as a round-shaped sweet with a rough outer coating that covers a cream or fruit filling inside, some having a somewhat chewy texture. Bon bon is a term commonly applied to not only candy, but also cookies and ice cream flavors.