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Kitchen Shears  
A kitchen tool, specifically made for food preparation, that is more versatile than a standard pair of cutting scissors. This utensil is made with a plastic or rubber coated handle which are often textured allowing for ease of cutting and gripping. The blades have a notch for cutting through poultry joints. Various parts of the handle may have teeth to be used for opening jars and bottles, as well as having a screwdriver-like protrusion to pry off lids. The scissor consists of two separate sections or sides that work together to cut, which may be riveted together or may be detatchable so each half section can be easily washed and dried. The blade is sturdy and made from aluminum or stainless steel.

When selecting, make sure the blades open wide enough for the needs of the work required in the kitchen, but are not too large to become clumsy and inefficient for smaller cutting chores to be accomplished. Many shears are built to handle the cutting of thin bones such as those when butterflying chicken breasts, so if chores of this nature are desired, make sure the blades are built to allow forceful cutting without excessive or unbalanced pressure.