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Roesti, Rösti or Rosti Ring  
A kitchen utensil used for making the potato dish from Switzerland that is known as Roesti, Rösti or Rosti potatoes. This food item consists of a potato cake that is prepared with boiled or raw potatoes, onions and seasonings that are formed into cakes for frying. When preparing the cake for single servings, it can be formed by hand or formed with the use of a Roesti Ring, which is typically a tubular piece of stainless steel that can be filled with the potato mixture and placed in the skillet to provide a uniformly shaped potato cake. This potato cake is very similar to the popular potato cake commonly known as hash brown potatoes.

The traditional Potato Roesti can be made as a single serving which the Roesti Rings work well to prepare. However, this Swiss potato dish is often prepared as a large flat potato cake that is then cut into pie wedges to be provided as individual servings. The Roesti Ring may also be referred to as a Roschti Ring.