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A type of broad-leafed Spinach that is grown in Far Eastern countries to harvest the shoots and leaves of the plant. Dark green in color, the Chinese Spinach leaf may be all green in color or green with crimson to purple tinted areas running through the center of the leaf.

When selecting, choose young greens that produce the most succulent flavored shoots and leaves. When storing, keep greens refrigerated in a plastic bag. The Spinach leaves should not be stored for more than a week. To cook, boil the greens in water or steam them and dispose of the water, which turns reddish in color after cooking. Since this variety of Spinach is high in nitrates and oxalic acids, it is best not to consume high amounts continually. The most common use of Chinese Spinach is for salads, soups, stews, and stir-fried dishes. Saut├ęd greens are traditionally seasoned with spices and then added to soups for texture and to enhance the flavor. Chinese Spinach may also be referred to as Amaranth Red, Amaranth Green, Bayam, hiyu, hon toi moi, yin choy, een choy, Tampala spinach, or Yin tsoi.