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Pronounced white zin-fan-dell. Contrary to what the name suggests, white zinfandel is a rosé (or blush), wine rather than a white wine. Produced from the zinfandel grape varietal, white zinfandel remains pale in color because the skins are quickly removed after the grapes are crushed, this stops the transfer of color from the skin's pigments.

Characteristics: Flavors of vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and light citrus. Although some are quite dry, White zinfandels are generally sweet and easy to enjoy.

Ageing: Best drunk young.

Serving temperature: Serve at a temperature of 40º-45º F.

Food pairing: Food friendly. Appetizers, Bacon, Italian pancetta, hot dogs, Cajun/BBQ shrimp, Cajun gumbo, calzone, cannelloni with ricotta, cannelloni with meat, charcuterie, mild cheeses, BBQ poultry, grilled poultry, poultry with herbs/garlic, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, meat couscous, vegetable couscous, crab cakes, creole, cruidités, dessert, game, egg dishes, fish w/lemon, honey mustard glaze, Greek cuisine, ham/pork, Indian cuisine, lamb, Mexican, Middle Easter cuisine, nicoise, pasta with garlic, pâté, peppers, pizza, salad, salami, salmon, samosas, heavy seafood, light seafood, shellfish, cheese soufflé, sweet and sour pork, tajines, and tandoori.