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Grill or Roasting Wok
Grill Wok
Grill or Roasting Wok
Roasting Wok
A traditional Asian cooking vessel shaped like a large low bowl with two handles. Modern woks are usually made from steel or aluminum. They heat food such as meats and vegetables quickly and evenly and are excellent for stir-frying food with a minimum of oil. Food is easily tossed in the wok to ensure even cooking. Typical Grill and Roasting Woks are made from porcelain enameled steel that is formed into square or round metal shapes with perforated holes on the surface for cooking various ingredients on outdoor grills. There are several types of Grill Woks available for use. One is made similar to a bowl Wok with slanted sides and an open center. Another type of Grill Wok, referred to as a Vertical Roasting Wok, is designed with a center container for holding basting liquids. The core container enables poultry to be basted from the inside out, adding moisture and flavors as the poultry cooks. As the food cooks, the basting liquid not only moistens the poultry but also drips onto the surrounding vegetables or other ingredients to enhance the flavors of other items being cooked. The Vertical Roasting Wok is often used to prepare a popular grilled item known as "Beer Can Chicken."