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A potato dish that is prepared by dicing or mashing potatoes, mixing the potatoes with seasonings, and in some instances, adding cream or milk. The mixture is then topped with grated cheese and buttered breadcrumbs to be baked until golden brown and served steaming. This potato dish originated at Delmonico's Restaurant in New York during the mid 1800's and was served with a cut of meat as a steak dinner made world famous by Delmonico's. The original Delmonico steak, is considered to be a 20 ounce boneless top sirloin that is almost 2 inches thick with delicate marbling and cooked rare to well done, depending on the request of the diner. However, over the years it has generally been considered to be a club steak from the short loin of beef prepared as a boneless, very rare steak considered to be one of the finest, most tender and tasty cuts available in New York.