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Beef Stew  
A food dish that combines beef with a variety of other ingredients, such as potatoes, vegetables, herbs, spices, and broth to create a savory dish, rich in flavor and often served as the main dish. There are many different versions of beef stew made in various countries from the ingredients that are readily available. The cut of meat most often chosen for making Beef Stew is chuck, which comes from meat extending from the foreleg to the shoulder of a steer. The chuck is a good piece of meat to cook slowly in moisture, breaking down the connective tissues into a tender piece of meat that is rich in flavor. Since the chuck extends from the upper foreleg to the shoulder there are a few different options that can be considered for the cuts of chucks. The top blade, blade, flat iron, shoulder, 7 bone roast, or chuck short ribs all provide good chuck meat for making Beef Stew.