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An Armenian flat bread or cracker bread that is traditionally made from a dough that is formed into a circle from 6 inches to 14 inches in diameter and baked. In the Middle East it is a traditional bread that is eaten as a cracker when baked into a dry, crispy form or it can be moistened to make it soft and more bread-like to be served with a meal. Lahvosh can be found in some grocery stores and specialty food shops. To moisten the lahvosh, take one piece at a time and hold under cold running water, making sure both side get moistened. Place the dampened bread into a plastic bag and set it aside for 3 hours. Moistening the lahvosh in this manner will make the bread flexible and chewy. It is a cracker bread that is commonly used to garnish salads, main dishes, or served as an appetizer and snack, often topped with a cheese (melted or spreadable) and other ingredients. Lahvosh is also referred to as Lavash, Lavosh, Lawaash, Paraki, and Armenian cracker bread.