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Slotted Spoon  
A large cooking utensil containing slots or holes enabling moist foods or items to be lifted out of fluids while the excess liquid drains out the slots and holes in the base of the spoon. When preparing pasta, oatmeal, sauces, soups, stews, fried foods or other similar items, a Slotted Spoon is a valuable utensil. With a long handle and well positioned slots, the spoon works effectively to keep hands away from hot oils, water or food ingredients while easily draining solutions away from the spoon.

Slotted spoons come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials for use with different foods and kitchen utensils. Determine the types of foods most often prepared and buy spoons to serve purposes most consistent with the food preparation. Consider the length of the handles, the type of slots or holes necessary, and the heat resistant materials desired, such as stainless steel, nylon or wood.