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Pigs In A Blanket
Pigs in a Bun Blanket - Entree item
Pigs In A Blanket
Pigs in a Pancake Blanket - Breakfast item
A description that is commonly used to refer to any type of sausage covered with a bread or pastry dough wrap. Foods such as small cocktail wieners wrapped in a baked pie dough, hot dogs in a bun, frankfurter slices in a pita wrap, a sausage wrapped in a pancake, or a corndog consisting of a wiener encased in fried breading are all examples of foods considered "Pigs in a Blanket." The original version of this food item which came from Germany consisted of rice enclosed in a cabbage leaf. As it evolved, the ingredients for Pigs In A Blanket became more meat-based. Sausages wrapped with bacon and covered with a bread wrap was one of the first versions with meat and now all types of small sausages or wieners are used for making Pigs In A Blanket.