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Flat Iron Steak  
A cut of beef, also known as a Flat Iron roast or shoulder top blade steak, that is taken from the shoulder clod just above the shoulder blade. The Flat Iron has two halves that are separated by a thin section of tough gristle running lengthwise through the meat. Flavorful, well marbled, and very tender, a Flat Iron Steak is considered to be only slightly less tender than a filet mignon cut. The Flatiron may be grilled or broiled and is so easy to cut that marinating is not required, although it will quickly toughen if it is overcooked. Other names for the Flat Iron steak or cuts from the steak include: petite steak, butler steak, lifter steak, book steak, shoulder top blade steak or roast, top boneless chuck, chuck clod top blade, lifter roast, and triangle roast.