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Baby Swiss Cheese  
Typical of many Swiss cheeses characterized by the holes ("eyes") found throughout the cheese, Baby Swiss cheese also contains holes, but they are much smaller in size than the aged Swiss cheese. Baby Swiss a semi-soft cheese, is similar to another variety referred to as Lacy Swiss, both having smaller holes due to a shorter curing time. As the cheese ages, the holes increase in size, thus Baby and Lacy Swiss both are younger milder cheeses, which have had the curing process altered so the acidity, temperature and length of the curing is adjusted to make these younger varieties of cheese. In Switzerland, the cheeses are made with unpasteurized raw whole milk and in the U.S. the Swiss cheeses are generally made with pasteurized milk. Baby Swiss is made with whole milk while Lacy is made with low fat milk. Both Baby and Lacy cheeses are cured for only a few months versus 9 months to 2 years for aged Swiss cheeses. Baby Swiss is a fine textured cheese providing a somewhat buttery and slightly nutty flavor. It is an excellent cheese for snacks, appetizers, sandwiches, fondues, quiches, pasta, and any cooked foods since it has good melting properties.