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Food that has been enhanced with nutrients in order to improve the food for a specific purpose. Nutrients, such as calcium, fiber, soy protein, and herbs to name a few, are added to food to improve the nutritional value of the product. Beverages, fruits, meats, vegetables, cheeses, and a variety of processed foods are a few of the foods commonly fortified with additional nutritional ingredients. Foods that have had nutrients added are also referred to as "functional foods."

When wine is blended with brandy or other spirits, the resulting beverage is referred to as a fortified wine. This type of wine typically contains 15% to 24% alcohol which compares with unfortified wines containing 15% or less alcohol. Fortified wines include dry sherry, cream sherry, vintage port, tawny port, Madeira, Marsala, and others. They are often served as dessert wines because of their rich, sweet flavors.