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A hybrid stone fruit that is a cross between an apricot and a plum. The fruit is predominately an apricot, being 3/4's apricot and 1/4 plum with a smooth orange outer skin, without fuzz, that covers a bright orange juicy flesh. The flavor is that of a much sweeter apricot with only a hint of plum taste. As typically occurs with the crossing of two fruits, the Aprium has a higher sugar content than a plum or apricot, so it provides a much sweeter flavor. For serving, the fruit can be eaten out of hand, in salads, in sauces, added to breads, in desserts, or as a sweetener for other foods. Similar varieties are the Pluot and the Plumcot. The Aprium and Pluot names are registered trademarks of Zaiger Genetics of Modesto, California, the company who developed this complex hybrid, which is referred to as an "interspecific," a mix of two or more species of fruit.