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Nutraceutical Foods
High-energy Snack Bar
A group of products that are enriched with ingredients offering healthy alternatives for people seeking foods that may improve or act as a defense for various aliments and illnesses. The word "nutraceuitical" combines nutritional and pharmaceutical into one word, which is used to identify a food that serves to improve consumer's health. Ingredients such as soy protein or soy isoflavones, ribose, vitamins, chondroitin sulfate, phytosterols, oligofructose, and similar supplements are being added to foods to reduce cholesterol, support the immune system, increase absorption of calcium, improve or maintain healthy joints in our bodies, and improve our digestive functions. Breads, sports drinks, high-energy snack bars, sauces, processed meats, and cookies are a few examples of foods being fortified to be classified as a nutraceutical food.