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Fresh Edamame
Dry Roasted Edamame
A product common in Asia and very popular in Japan that consists of fresh green soybeans picked while they are still young. It is common for fields of soybeans to be picked when they mature to a dried form however, the Edamame bean is not allowed to mature and therefore is picked while still in the green pod. High in protein, Edamame beans provide a tender textured bean that can be served instead of other types of bean such as fava or lima beans. As a vegetable dish, the Edamame bean is served steamed in the shell. It is also commonly cooked in salted water and then served like peanuts to be eaten out of hand. Edamame tastes similar to nuts that are boiled, providing a chewy and nutty flavor that goes well with beer beverages. They can be stored refrigerated and should be eaten in several days.

When preparing, if the beans are frozen, simply place them in boiling water to be quickly cooked or use a skillet to brown the outside slightly before serving. Adding a coarse salt after cooking enhances the flavor of the Edamame beans. If the beans are to be added to other ingredients, sauté all items and combine them as a vegetable dish. Eamame beans provide a unique and enjoyable flavor for a variety of different food purposes.