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Wine Bottle Opener
Pronged Wine Bottle Opener
Wine Bottle Opener
Collapsable Bottle Opener
Wine Bottle Opener
Mechanical Wine Bottle Opener
Any type of utensil used for removing the cork from wine bottles, also referred to as a "Cork Remover". There are many varieties available, but three different types are most often used. First, the most common type is is the "T" shaped "corkscrew" variety. This cork remover has a long, sharp-pointed, metal spiral (corkscrew) attached to a handle. It may be designed as simply a utensil with a corkscrew or it may have a folding knife appearance with more tools than just the corkscrew. The spiral is inserted into the cork and twisted, driving it through the cork so it can be securely grasped and pulled upward and out of the bottle. A second type has side levers to hold the neck of the bottle securely while a vertical lever activates and continuously turns a metal spiral so it moves downward into the cork. Once the spiral is through the cork, the lever is pulled upward and the cork is lifted out from the bottle. A third type uses friction to remove the cork. This type of cork remover consists of a handle with two thin, stiff, but flexible metal prongs extending out from each side of the handle so they fit into the mouth of the wine bottle. The prongs are inserted along the cork and into the bottle. The friction between the prongs and the cork allows the cork to be held securely as the cork remover is twisted and pulled out of the bottle. Each opener works effectively to remove the cork, however the version with levers is the easiest to operate, while the opener with prongs may take a little longer to use easily.