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A small plump game bird, weighing 1 to 2 pounds that originated from the pheasant family and is often sought for its delicately flavored white (U.S.) or dark (Europe) meat. The meat is more moist than that of a grouse, but similar in appearance. The U.S. quail, which may be referred to as Blue, Bobwhite, California, Montezuma or Mountain is not the same as the European quail which is a migratory bird originating from the partridge family. The meat can be cooked by roasting, grilling, broiling or braising and served as the main ingredient of the meal or a flavorful addition to stews. Typical of smaller wild fowl, the meat is lean so it will be best prepared with moist heat or by barding, which consists of securing strips of fat or bacon around the meat to prevent it from drying out when it is cooked.