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A saltwater fish found in the Atlantic off the U.S. and European coasts. There are five species found in the Atlantic waters near the U.S., but none are particularly good for eating. The best-known sole for eating, Dover sole, is in the Atlantic near Europe. It has lean, white flesh with a delicate flavor and firm, flaky texture. There are other edible species found in Europe, but none is as popular as the Dover sole. It is generally available in fillets, which are fresh or frozen. Sole is suitable for frying, broiling, baking, or poaching. Flounder, plaice, or whitefish can be substituted if sole is not available. A common sole dish is known as sole meuniƩre (sole dusted with flour) that consists of sole fillets dipped in flour and then cooked golden brown in a skillet with containing butter of several cooking oils. Some recipes add additional ingredients to the flour, such as heavy cream and dry white wine to enhance the flavor. When finished cooking, other seasonings may also be added over the fish, such as capers, red wine vinegar, parsley, and butter.