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Skirt Steak, Beef  
In the United States, this cut of beef is a long, flat, boneless beefsteak taken from the plate primal of the beef carcass. Unlike the U.S., in Britain the Skirt Steak is typically cut from the flank primal. The Skirt Steak is a flavorful piece of meat but can be rather tough if it is not cooked or cut properly. Almost any type of cooking method can be used to prepare this Steak, but care must be taken when using a dry heat method such as grilling, so that the steak is not overcooked making the meat tough in texture. When using the dry heat method or as a general practice, it is advisable to marinate the meat before cooking. Then when the meat is ready to serve, cut against the grain into thin slices. Other names for the Skirt Steak are Philadelphia Steak, Inside Skirt Steak, and Outside Skirt Steak.