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Kishka Sausage
Kishka sausage
A type of sausage made from a combination of onion, suet, matzo meal, and flour, which is packed into kosher beef intestines and then steam cooked and roasted. Commonly considered to be a traditional Jewish food, this sausage is now produced in many areas with an edible synthetic casing and filled with a variety of ingredients. This sausage is produced in many different cultural regions with various ingredients and casings. As a Russian sausage, it is commonly made with flour, butter and spices mixture and boiled in a chicken broth and then stuffed into a chicken skin casing made from a chicken's neck. As a Polish-American sausage it may be referred to as kishka, which combines blood, beef and barley made into a sausage that is often served as a breakfast sausage. When produced as a Hungarian sausage, kishka typically contains rice as well as other ingredients. Other names for this sausage that may be used are kiska, kiske, kiszka, der ma, and stuffed derma.