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Honey Glaze
White Frosting Glaze
Glazing a Ham
1) Refers to a flavorful coating that forms on food as it is cooked. The glaze may be the result of basting food with a liquid, such as a meat stock, during the cooking process.

2) A glaze may also refer to foods that are coated with substances to give them a more substantial coating, such as a covering of chocolate. Glazes can also be created to make food items more aesthetically pleasing such as adding an egg wash to some baked goods to produce a shiny, golden brown glaze.

3) The application of a coating to pottery cooking pots in order to seal the suface, providing a shiny appearance to the texture. Glazed or unglazed pottery sold in the U.S. requires a label showing it is lead-free. To test if a pot is lead-free, purchase commercial products that can be swabbed onto the surface to check for the presence of lead.