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Flat Omelet
Filled Omelet
An egg dish made with two or three beaten eggs that are cooked until they set and then eaten as a flat or folded serving of food. Commonly served folded, the Omelet can be prepared as a plain Omelet served flat or one that is folded in half or folded into a rounded and somewhat tucked shape. The shape of the folded Omelet will often depend on how many and the type of additional ingredients that may become a stuffing or a topping for flat or folded Omelets. Many different ingredients can be used for the fillings, including cheese, ham, bacon, sausage, peppers, onions, herbs, mushrooms and tomatoes, many of which are combined together in one Omelet. The fillings for Omelets can also consist of sweet ingredients, such as custard, fruit, jelly, or jam.