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Red Currant
A berry, much like a small grape, native to France and northern Europe that is related to the green gooseberry. Currant berries grow in cool regions amongst abundant moisture, growing clustered on vines as Black, Red, and White varieties. They are a juicy berry containing a large edible seed, both of which provide a sweet to tart flavor. The Black Currants, which are the most tart and very delicate, are often combined with other varieties of Currant berries for cooking in order to reduce the tart-tasting flavor, or they are processed for use in wines and liqueurs. The Black variety has a firm and somewhat tough skin that covers a tart flavored flesh. The Red and White Currant berries are most often used for desserts, summer salads and soups, succulent sauces for poultry or pork, sweet or tart jams, preserves, syrups, or sorbets. With a flavor mildly similar to a raspberry, the White and Red Currants are eaten fresh, out of hand since they have a sweeter taste. The White Currant is the sweetest of all varieties, providing a juicy sweet flavor for a variety of foods. The Red Currants are often served in salads, on cakes, and as a garnish with cheese, providing a colorful accent with a sweet to tart flavor.